Freelance Music Host

New York, United States Contract Allows remote

Wanted: the ultimate music-lover. 

At Anchor, we’re on a mission to create the future of radio. To us, that means two things: building tools that make it easy for anyone to broadcast their voice in seconds (and sound good doing it), and crafting the fun, modern, addictive radio experience that we’ve always wished existed. That content experience is where you come in.

We’re looking for a Freelance Music Host to help us create original audio content for Anchor Studios. You’ll be the host of a brand new Anchor station called Song of the Day that helps uncover incredible musicians and spread the word about them to the Anchor community.

You'll have access to brand new creation tools that make it easy and fun to record and broadcast Song of the Day. Your focus will be on planning, writing, and recording audio content daily that is entertaining, informative, and addictive. No experience with professional audio equipment is required for this role, but it’s certainly a bonus if you already know how to make recordings sound superb. If you love to talk about music (and are good at it), and have a passion for finding undiscovered music, this role is for you.



  • Developing content for a music-themed Anchor station on a daily basis
  • Writing and producing original audio content that is fun, addictive, and easy to listen to
  • Building an engaged audience of listeners
  • Consistently sharing your station with the world in creative, measureable ways.
  • Ensuring that your Anchor station is awesome and something that people want to hear every single day
  • Produce ~10 minutes of original audio per day


  • Really, really creative (as in, you do something and people are like, "wow, that was really creative")
  • Passionate about music
  • A great conversationalist. You have a lot to say, and people seem to like listening to you.
  • A natural inclination to be plugged into social media and an innate awareness of what’s going on in the world and on the internet
  • Deep understanding of ~content~  and what makes it spread organically
  • A passion for audio
  • Bonus points for professional experience as a creator in a media-related industry

To apply:
Log in to Anchor (you can download the latest version of the app from iTunes or Google Play) and give us a taste of what your station would sound like. Be sure to use the music tool to play a song you think everyone should know about and share at least 5 minutes of your own audio commentary on the track. Share the segment on Twitter using the tag #anchorsongoftheday so we know to look out for your sick beats or cool jams.

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